Vertical Gardening Services In India

Vertical Gardens: Maintains the oxygen level and offers a healthier lifestyle

Vertical Gardening Services In India

It’s not a secret anymore that vertical gardening is decorating the home more than anything with different interior concepts. Vertical Gardening is not the idea of present life but has been in existence throughout history starting from only paintings and sculptures to bringing nature and living spaces with beautiful concepts and design. 

Do you know what Vertical Gardening is?

Vertical Gardening is a completely innovative and productive way of gardening and planting that makes your home more attractive and effective with a mesmerising view.

How does it work?

There isn’t any rocket science behind vertical gardening but the trellis plants, vines, climbers and several fruits and vegetables grow vertically. In vertical gardening, the base root system should be large enough for fitting in the bed of a growing plant. For growing vertical gardens, columnar trees and structures are used widely.

A Few Suggestions!

Plants that need less maintenance are better options like tomatoes, berries, wisteria, honeysuckle, cucumbers, melons, peas and wisteria and a few more plants that could be considered growing vertically.