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The Green Rooftop

Introduction: Green rooftop is not today’s trend it’s a ziggurat from Mesopotamia 600 B.C. Humans have been gardening the rooftop for centuries as everyone wants to maximize their business environmentally. Whatever the reasons are, rooftop gardening offers a tonne of benefits. 

  1. Decrease Energy Use
  2. Climate Change Adaptation 
  3. Improve Air Quality 

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Some of the benefits of the Green rooftop are explained in brief: 


  • Guide to Manage Green Rooftop Gardens

In the world of technologies, everyone wants to be surrounded by some natural things or plants around them. Commercial properties are having the trend for green rooftop gardens. This decoration also helps to stand out from the crowd. The green rooftops are the roofs that are covered with thick waterproof material, soil, and vegetation. The advantages of Green Rooftops are listed here: 

  • Reduce utility bills
  • Impressive space
  • Environmental effect
  • More elongated lifespan

  • Lowered Utility Bills 

The vegetables extending on a green roof can insulate a building, which can lower utility bills. The green rooftop excessively helps in summer when a green roof absorbs all the heat, hot sun and insulates the building from the excessive heat. We will also help you with installing and maintaining the Roof Gardening for your comfort. Water without a strong runoff path can damage a facility, flood, property erosion, and many more. 

  • Special Space

Presenting a green rooftop garden to the inhabitants of the property is a special selling point. Perhaps it offers a setting area where people can enjoy the space. A conceivable tenant benefit could be access to a resident’s garden. 

A green roof is a unique point of attraction as well as a selling point to the environmentally conscious. 

  • Longer Lifespan

Compared to gardens, green roofs have a longer lifespan than traditional roofs and it happens because the actual roofing material is shielded. Also, the ultraviolet radiation and temperature fluctuations slowly break down the other materials used in roofs. A longer lifespan is another way green roofs save your money and time over their lifespan. 

  • Environmental Impact

The environmental consequence of green rooftop gardens is multifaceted. While it also lowers your utility bills, they use fewer natural resources. This also extends the life of the roof; they reduce the number of materials taken to the landfill with a traditional roof. These are the immediate benefits. It has increased environmental awareness as not only a necessity but is becoming good for business both in money-savings and public appeal. 


Do you know that there are 3 types of roof gardens:


  1. Extensive Green Roof: Extensive Green Roof is a low-maintenance green roof garden that has a slender, lightweight growing medium. This type of green roof is characterized by its vegetation, which is often limited to mosses, sedums, herbs, small plants and flowers, succulents, and desert grasses.

An extensive green roof is easier to install and is cost-efficient, and generally doesn’t require an irrigation system for survival. And it is ideal for stormwater management, for flats, and even for low-sloped roofs and retrofits. 

  1. Semi-Intensive Green Roof: It is a mix of intensive and extensive green roofs. This is characterized by a growing medium depth of around six to twelve inches to host a much richer ecology. This rooftop garden consists of small plants, herbs, grasses, shrubs, and groundcovers that require occasional irrigation and sensible maintenance. 

A semi-intensive green roof can retain more stormwater than an expansive green roof and at the same time, provides the possibility for a standard roof garden effect. These designs make them ideal for long-term care facilities, urban picnic areas, and daycare play spaces.

  1. Intensive Green Rooftop: It is more than a rooftop garden or sky park. The rooftop garden is characterized by deep soil having a growing medium depth of more than 6 inches. A combination of foliage can be expanded in an intensive roof garden from tiny to enormous, shrubs, groundcovers, or even diminutive trees. An intensive green rooftop also offers splendid potential for highly creative designs and biodiversity.

It can support small home gardens, playgrounds, parks, and even vegetable grasslands. These types of rooftops also need intensive care, with daily professional supervision and an advanced irrigation system. Look here for your reference for different kinds of gardening https://witwake.com/   

The major reasons for using a Rooftop Garden are as follows: 


  • It creates memories: Roof gardens help to create wonderful memories with family and friends. For some quality time or family time, this is an ideal space for your people. 
  • It becomes best for me-time: If you have a nook for some me-time and need some time out from anything like stress, a trip to the green roof would be beneficial. It has been proven many times that the green color is a relaxing color that brings about positive impacts and psychological well-being. The surrounding can easily remove tension and anxiety. 
  • The green place can also help people recover from sickness sooner: The green place having green color all around has a healing and soothing effect and just being around it can also help with recovery and renewed energy. 
  • Green rooftop helps to cultivate one’s green thumb: The green roofs help to cultivate one’s green thumb: Semi-intensive and intensive roofs help in making great spaces for growing different plants. One can try to create a rooftop vegetable garden here to plant herbs and leafy greens that can be used for cooking.
  • Rooftops have stunning views: Imagine being 30 feet high above and still wrapped in the beautiful scenery. The green roofs also complement the city skyline and make vistas more memorable. 
  • Green roofs make a resident more even: Who doesn’t have greenery? And spaces covered with beautiful plants and trees will leave them in awe. They will also love it because the structure is environmentally friendly and also offers biodiversity. It helps to reduce heat, green roofs help lower energy cost spent on ac. As it is the place for enjoyment, freshness, and relaxation. Some of our well-known and latest projects can be checked here https://witwake.com/projects/



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